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November 13, 2009

Classwork has put a significant delay on the opening of my shop, as well as plans for home DIYs, but with 30 days until my graduation, I can handle it! I’m actually trying to hold off on home improvements until things quiet down a bit. My current roommate is moving into a place w/cheaper rent so she can save to go back to school, I’ll be moving into her room (with attached craft room for Etsy!), and the new roommate will take my room. It’s hard to put time into a place that I don’t own, so, like many renters, I’m trying to collect ideas for portable DIYs. I will say that my leasing company understands that by painting and updating my place I’m increasing its value, so I’m reimbursed for materials.

A few fall-themed ideas to share:

(Click the photos to see the origin site)

1. Vividly colored plates

Bright dishes, pots, and pans like these from Lorena Barrezueta remind me of my Great-aunt. My family and a group of lifelong friends usually gather at my her house in Cleveland for Thanksgiving where the focus is FOOD. I usually eat in shifts, alternating between eating huge portions and napping. Before leaving I, my siblings, and my dad squeeze out the door for a walk to the train tracks, and hopefully it’s snowing. My gymnast sister always wins the contest to see who can balance on the tracks for the most heel-to-toe steps.

2a. Nature

Nothing’s easier than sticking some pine cones in a bowl, but it looks classy. A fellow Apartment Therapy fan submitted this idea. Gives me an excuse to go to the park… Plus it looks better than potpourri, of which I am not a big fan.

2b. Fake Nature

Not so into parks, walking, fresh air, tree sap or organic items in your home (I’m joking, maybe you want something more permanent)? Try these ceramic pine cones from Coe and Waito. Check out the site for ceramic acorns too! It would also be nice to spray a little sealant and then some white/sparkly/metallic paint on pine cones. At least I imagine that would work, I would probably be lazy and skip the sealant.

3. Candles + DIY

I love candles and old-timey things like cross-stitch, so a candle like these will probably end up in my house as soon as I find time to stencil tiny, tiny lines on a glass cup. Click the photo for Martha Stewart’s how-to on the matter- she has a template.

4. Non-Cheesy Centerpiece

I want to use artichokes for flowers as often as possible, so I like the idea of immortal artichokes from Pottery Barn. $24 for 5? Seems a little much for my broke ass… but I’ve spent far more on things far less lovely. This is turning into a lot of negativity about these artichokes, but that box is a little too much forced rustic-icity (new word) for me. I’d probably opt for glass…

5. “Vintage” teal

A fellow Young House Love blog reader wrote to them that she hates the color of her walls in this room, but I love them! I wish she would post the paint color and type. I’ll go ahead and say that I’m not into the blinding golden yellow walls and bright purple furniture predicted to be the “big trends” for fall decor (via Washington Post). This room would be a dream craft room color, especially coupled with those built-ins. Do you know how amazing my house would be if I owned it (and was obscenely rich)?

Time to get back to the books! Please post your holiday decor ideas!

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